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    Lungarno Corsini 30, 50123 Firenze

    Laboratorio di Sartoria

    Via Cimabue 43, 50136 Firenze



    A question of Values

    Social sustainability, just like environmental sustainability is becoming very topical. Our objective over the past 12 years has been to encourage strong links not only between ourselves and fashion houses but also with associations and institutions, both local and national. Our mission, to encourage and build a durable collaboration with Flo concept, an ethical and dependable partner.

    Inclusive Work

    Exclusive products

    Creative reuse of materials

    Dedicated design


    Relationships and synergies

    Over the years we have created
    gadgets, brooches, clothes, accessories, curtains, shoppers, lampshades and much more, collaborating with important realities, designers, projects.

    The Museo del Tessuto

    The Museo del Tessuto Shop was created as part of the Horizon Europe – RECHARGE project: a three-year project that began at the end of 2022 and aims to stimulate research on the role of museums within their reference communities in the creation of shared value – economic and otherwise – through the collaborative development of new services.

    Within the project, Museo del Tessuto’s objective was precisely to conceive and test innovative and collaborative practices to make museum e-commerce tools capable of generating widespread value with and for some professional communities, as well as for museum users.

    Rifò - Levi's®

    In 2022 Flo Concept took part in an upcycling project promoted by Levi’s® & Rifò. Our cooperative produced ltd edition hats made from old upcycled jeans donated by the Levi store in Milan. The venture stems from a collaboration between Rifò & Levi’s® that started in Autumn 2021 with the claim Now Future. All sales profits will go to Flo Concept to finance a six month work grant for the socially fragile. Circular economy & sustainability are the recipe for a responsible future.


    Artemisia non-profit anti violence organisation

    What side are you on’


    We produced over 30,000 felt flowers for the campaign ‘what side are you on’ in collaboration with and in support of Artemisia, the non-profit organization that supports and cares for women and children who are victims of violence.

    Inspired by this collaboration, Flo concept decided to dedicate a design space in its workshop for the realization of gadgets, and one-off projects for local and national groups and associations. Our hope being to weave constructive relationships and proposals in the variegated world of the third sector.


    Leader nel settore della produzione di tessuti dal 1943, l’azienda pratese Manteco da sempre rifornisce i grandi marchi del lusso e della moda con i suoi tessuti di alta qualità, famosa per i capi spalla di lana cardata e i finissaggi sapienti, ma anche e sopratutto per voler valorizzare i principi della sostenibilità ambientale e sociale. E’ stato un vero onore per Flo poter collaborare con Manteco per realizzare delle buste in stoffa che vengono usate come contenitore per le cartelle colori e per materiale divulgativo dell’azienda.


    Texmoda Tessuti was born over 40 years ago and positioned itself from the outset as a creator and producer of high-quality textiles destined for the fashion world. Over the ensuing years, thanks to the highly skilled staff, Texmoda consolidated and built up collaborations with some of the most important fashion labels and buying groups in the sector, both on a national and international level.


    Texmoda Tessuti is a company that is very sensitive both to the sector’s environmental impact and to the need to create social sustainability. To this end, Francesca Nardi, the owner, personally forged a partnership with Flo starting in 2020. We produce cloth tote bags used as promotional gadgets for Texmoda’s clients.


    Chica is a producer of personalized labels that was founded about 10 years ago. Over the last couple of years the brand ‘CHICA HANDMADE’ has become recognized by many shops and distributors, for its originality and creativity. These qualities are synonymous with the real meaning of the concept ‘made in Italy’. Their collaboration with Flo started in 2020 and we are proud to use their labels on our collection of handbags.


    Our potential for the future is written in our past. What we do today will decide the shape of things tomorrow. We have experienced this directly with the innovations, patents and products made over the years by the Riccardo Rami studio that indelibly testify our avant-garde spirit.

    The approach is synergistic, between new technologies and ancient techniques, always engaging in research and creativity, respecting the people and the material with which we interact, as well as a correct management of resources.

    We believe that being more sustainable is not a decision that has to do only with the environment, we are aware that our staff and our actions influence the process of social and environmental change. For us, the people and the environment where we work, together with our creations, concretely represent our philosophy

    Stefano Bemer

    The prestigious florentine brand of luxury footwear, Stefano Bemer, is collaborating since 2019 with Flo for the production shoe bags. Stefano Bemer choose Flo because is strongly willing to invest in social responsibility and circular economy project.

    Velona's Jungle

    It was 2022 when the boutique hotel, Velona Jungle chose Flo as its collaborator. Velona’s Jungle is a prestigious luxury guest house in Florence’s historical centre. The collaboration continues today and has resulted in the manufacturing of a canvas shopping bag in Flo’s tailoring laboratory.

    This unique piece is gifted to only the hotel’s best clients as a demonstration of values shared with Flo centering on sustainability and circular economy. 


    It is not just what we do, but how we do it that makes our clients proud of wearing our garments and accessories.

    Our Hands

    The hands that produce our collection of clothes are the hands of people that have discovered in Flo a place that understands their personal difficulties. A patient environment where they are taught a new trade, step by step at their own pace .

    Our workers are our greatest resort: without them, we wouldn’t be who we are.

    Re-use & Recycle

    The creation of our clothes starts from the selection of fabrics that are donated to us from fashion houses or from leading Italian textile factories.

    The majority of the fabrics are small lengths, meaning that deciding what to actually make from them is the most delicate part of the operation. We want to make the best use of the material both in terms of minimizing wastage to the point of eliminating it, but equally importantly, from an aesthetic and stylistic point of view.

    This, therefore, is the starting point from which our collection is born. A limited collection of clothing very carefully curated and painstakingly planned. A level of care and passion that we apply to our work every day.

    Zero Waste

    We are motivated by the desire to reduce the dreadful impact that the fashion industry has on the environment and to tackle in particular the wastage. Our objective is zero wastage by following the principles of the circular economy. Every single item we produce is a testament to this ethos.

    The Project

    Flo is the merging of style, creativity & quality, with social responsibility & circular economy.

    Dal 2010, a Firenze ⸻

    Our Story

    Flo is a social cooperative that through its work & research into the fashion sector has been promoting a new model of the fashion business since 2010. The objective is to provide an environment that helps the socially, physically or mentally vulnerable to find new faith & working autonomy.

    Our clothing & accessories collections are the fruit of an unprecedented inclusive & welcoming ecosystem where diversity is the driving force.

    Each one of our creations is an expression of the Flo concept: give new life to surplus fabric or scraps coming from some of the best Italian textile manufacturers. Emphasis is on natural & eco-sustainable fibers to create limited edition garments tailored by people that through training and work placements can acquire the new skills necessary to face the employment market.

    We tailor your experience.

    The tailoring Lab is in Via Cimabue, just outside the historical city center of Florence. It opened in 2016, first so the project could come full circle by adding the production process, but more importantly to increase the numbers already working with the store. The 275m2 Laboratory manufactures the Flo brand Woman’s & Children’s Clothing & Accessories Collections. Space is set-aside in the same area for collaboration with other companies, associations or institutions with an active interest in socially sustainable projects. Flo can design, produce or tailor items for the ones who wish to collaborate and thus become a trusted ethical partner.

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    Flo Concept

    A world beyond the mirror

    Let’s explore

    Our style mirrors our soul

    It is the mirror that freezes our image in time & takes with it a vision defined by the choices made for who we are or who we are trying to become.
    Behind our mirror is a world made from a variety of different people each with different stories, lives & backgrounds; it is through our work that they are finding new dignity & self-awareness.

    Our women’s & children’s collections are created from surplus fabric to patterns designed to be firstly appealing to the eye but at the same time practical & comfortable to wear.

    Our Boutique

    Lungarno Corsini 30, Firenze

    The Brand

    Flo begins at the start of 2010 from the wish of its’ three founding members to create a brand to manufacture fine quality & design-lead limited edition clothing & accessories. Most  importantly the new brand will provide a welcoming work environment for socially, physically or mentally vulnerable or needy people.