Our style mirrors our soul

It is the mirror that freezes our image in time & takes with it a vision defined by the choices made for who we are or who we are trying to become.
Behind our mirror is a world made from a variety of different people each with different stories, lives & backgrounds; it is through our work that they are finding new dignity & self-awareness.

Our women’s & children’s collections are created from surplus fabric to patterns designed to be firstly appealing to the eye but at the same time practical & comfortable to wear.

Our Boutique

Lungarno Corsini 30, Firenze

The Brand

Flo begins at the start of 2010 from the wish of its’ three founding members to create a brand to manufacture fine quality & design-lead limited edition clothing & accessories. Most  importantly the new brand will provide a welcoming work environment for socially, physically or mentally vulnerable or needy people.