Our Hands

The hands that produce our collection of clothes are the hands of people that have discovered in Flo a place that understands their personal difficulties. A patient environment where they are taught a new trade, step by step at their own pace .

Our workers are our greatest resort: without them, we wouldn’t be who we are.

Re-use & Recycle

The creation of our clothes starts from the selection of fabrics that are donated to us from fashion houses or from leading Italian textile factories.

The majority of the fabrics are small lengths, meaning that deciding what to actually make from them is the most delicate part of the operation. We want to make the best use of the material both in terms of minimizing wastage to the point of eliminating it, but equally importantly, from an aesthetic and stylistic point of view.

This, therefore, is the starting point from which our collection is born. A limited collection of clothing very carefully curated and painstakingly planned. A level of care and passion that we apply to our work every day.

Zero Waste

We are motivated by the desire to reduce the dreadful impact that the fashion industry has on the environment and to tackle in particular the wastage. Our objective is zero wastage by following the principles of the circular economy. Every single item we produce is a testament to this ethos.